Chibi Bomber

Chibi Bomber

▪ Type: Strategy

▪ Author: OMG.Studio

▪ Publish date: 12/06/2017

▪ Latest version: 1.0.1

Chibi Bomber

9.5 points - 4 votes

Chibi Bomber
Chibi Bomber
Chibi Bomber
Chibi Bomber
Chibi Bomber

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Chibi Bomber starts a new era of simply touch with your finger and hit the target.
New trajectory gameplay with super stunning graphics, challenging multi-stage dungeon, scheming world boss dragons, and fight with your guild!
On a sprawling adventure across the Goblin Domain, Dragon Skull, and dark dungeons of bomb island in hundreds of challenging levels. Collect and craft a huge arsenal of weapons, and wield powerful skill to defeat fearsome boss and crush troublesome minions in battle to win epic war, craft ever more powerful weapons and level up your guild. To victory!GAMES FEATURES:SHOOTING WITH EASY CONTROL
Easy and fun! The creative shooting will let you experience another kind of gameplay, just move your finger and find the best angle, victory is around the corner! Simple to control, got unlimited fun.MULTIPLAYER IN REAL TIME
Come to the Arena! Multiplayer from around the world in real-time and take their scores. Challenge players from across the world in the CO-OP 3v3 Arena to see who’s the most hardcore shooter of them all.

Amazing dress and graphic, adorable pets, dazzling wings & weapons, KUSO Emoji and hundreds of items and equipment provide unrivaled character customization. The colorful dress will let you dressed in style anytime and anywhere.

Over 500 Levels in 10 Episodes, find your way through 10 different worlds full of devious crazy monsters with instant voice, global friends… these are all you can find in this free mobile game.Challenging never stop!

– Aim & Shoot & Boom: Lovely characters take aim, power up, and bomb away to aim to attack the target,
– Wind: The wind could affect how the bomb flies. Accurate control is the key to success, feel the breath of wind!
– Collect and evolve dozens of powerful pets, cute but deadly!!
– Multiple dungeons to further improve the your shooting skills!
– Unique Social System: Instant voice chat, Emoji & mentoring system and innovative marriage system

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Download it and play with global friend now! You will love it every minute!

Chibi Bomber

9.5 points - 4 votes

Android的Chibi Bomber非常受欢迎,全球数以千计的玩家将很乐意得到它,而不用付款。 我们可以帮助你! 免费下载游戏。 下载非常简单:选择所需的文件,然后单击“下载免费{游戏} apk”,然后选择您要获取文件的方式之一。 只需几个简单的步骤,你正在享受平板电脑或手机游戏的完整版本! 享受手机游戏的最好的小玩意之一是iPhone,{游戏}是iOS的顶级游戏之一,我们可以帮助您无需付款即可玩! 要下载iPhone的Chibi Bomber,我们建议您选择您的设备型号,然后我们的系统将选择最适合的游戏应用程序。 下载非常简单:选择所需的.ipa文件,然后单击“免费下载{游戏}”,然后选择您要获取游戏的方式之一。 只需几个简单的步骤,你正在享受iPad或iPod的Chibi Bomber。 还记得! 我们每天更新我们的免费ipa游戏,敬请关注!
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